Miracle Claims Investigator Talks 44 Years of Skepticism, Passion

July 10, 2013
Joe Nickell

Joe Nickell

Believers in Miracles & the Paranormal Are Fooled by the ‘Argument From Ignorance’

Joe Nickell, senior research fellow of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI) – an international scientific organization – and investigative columnist for Skeptical Inquirer magazine, discusses his new book, The Science of Miracles: Investigating the Incredible, published earlier this year by Prometheus. Nickell has been investigating the paranormal since 1969, and is a prominent investigator of myths, mysteries, frauds, forgeries, and hoaxes. He has been called “the modern Sherlock Holmes,” “the original ghost buster,” and “the real-life Scully” from The X-Files. He has investigated scores of haunted-house cases, including the Amityville Horror, as well as healers, statues, visions and demons. Nickell was an inspiration for Hilary Swank’s role as a miracle investigator in The Reaping (2007).

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One Response to Miracle Claims Investigator Talks 44 Years of Skepticism, Passion

  1. Mike Lee
    July 12, 2013 at 5:26 am

    Can you imagine if it was possible to transport an illusionist of the calibre of David Copperfield back to the biblical era of the new Testament…? What would we be reading about now….? Lol!
    It’s quite amazing how celebrities like Oprah give some kind of credence to this patent nonsense and when it’s shown to be untrue, this news fails to make any headway in the news media.

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