Philosopher Argues Against Christianity’s Double Standard

March 11, 2014
Philosopher Matt McCormick

Philosopher Matt McCormick

Drawing Ire From a Religious Crowd, Matt McCormick Says Case Against Jesus’ Resurrection is ‘Overdetermined’

Philosopher Matt McCormick created controversy in the small town of Manteca, California recently by delivering a speech against belief in the resurrection of Jesus. Approximately 300 religious people gathered in front of the library throughout the talk, hosted by the Stanislaus Humanists on January 15. They prayed, swayed and spoke in tongues, encircling the building at one point to shout out the Devil. McCormick joins the podcast to discuss his Manteca experience and his 2012 book, Atheism and the Case Against Christ. McCormick is a professor of philosophy at California State University–Sacramento. He argues that believing in the resurrection on historical grounds is a double standard, since believers reject analogous supernatural claims. McCormick compares the evidence for the resurrection in the Christian tradition to evidence presented during the Salem witch trials. The results are surprising and fascinating.

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Check out Matt McCormick’s blog Proving the Negative • See McCormick’s talk in Manteca here

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